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10x14: With 140 square feet of space, this larger storage unit can hold roughly 3 bedrooms worth of furniture. Bring in all your larger items because this space is ideal for large televisions, pianos, couches and tables.

10x25: Someone that needs lots of space should inquire about this storage unit. A monstrous 250 square feet of space is the ideal solution for storing your 5 to 7 bedroom house. 

10x10: This is the perfect storage size for anyone moving out of a small apartment into a new house but doesn't have space in the new home to store items. It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms. 

10x20: With 200 square feet, this storage unit is perfect for many large household items. This unit can store all the larger items you need stored like washers, dryers and refrigerators.


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At AAA Storage, located outside of Sioux Falls, we provide you with a variety of storage unit size options to fit any of your storage needs.

With our graphic illustrator tool, you can see how much space you actually would need to fit all your storage items in our Sioux Falls storage solutions.

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